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Rubber pads and bumpers for loading bays and rear of trailers


Trimex Italia is excited to present its revolutionary new products: rubber pads and bumpers designed specifically for cargo bays and rear of trailers. These innovative solutions offer reliable protection and increased safety during loading and unloading, ensuring a longer service life for the surfaces involved.

High level of protection and safety

When it comes to heavy loads and cargo handling, the protection of cargo bays and the rear of trailers is essential to prevent damage to the items being transported and to ensure a safe working environment for operators. Trimex Italia rubber pads and bumpers are specially designed to meet these specific needs.

high-quality materials

Our pads and bumpers are made of high-quality materials that offer superior resistance to impact, abrasion and daily stress. The rubber used is specially selected for its durability and its ability to absorb and dissipate the energy of impacts, minimizing damage to load surfaces.

Easy installation and adaptability

Trimex Italia rubber pads and bumpers are designed for easy installation and adaptability to different configurations of loading bays and trailers. Thanks to their modular design, they can be easily positioned and secured securely, ensuring complete protection for the surfaces involved. In addition, their flexible structure allows them to adapt to the various sizes and shapes of the surfaces to be protected.

aesthetics and versatility

We know that the aesthetic aspect is important for our customers. Therefore, Trimex Italia rubber pads and bumpers are available in different colors and finishes to ensure a professional and clean look They are ideal for a wide range of applications, including warehouse loading bays, freight trailers, cargo platforms and more.

Safety and quality standards

All Trimex Italia products, including rubber pads and bumpers, strictly comply with safety standards and are subjected to thorough quality controls. Our company is committed to providing reliable and high quality solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and maximum safety in the workplace.

Trimex Italia’s new rubber pads and bumpers represent an important innovation in the field of protection of load surfaces. With their superior strength, ease of installation and versatile design, they offer reliable and long-lasting protection for cargo bays and trailer backs.

Choose Trimex Italia for high-end safety and security solutions that will exceed your expectations and help create a safer and more efficient working environment.